Tubemaster 110 DC015

Tubemaster 110 DC015

  • description

    • Machine frame in massive, thermally relaxed
    Welded construction, defies compact design
    • The system is specially designed for 3/4-axis laser processing of
    Pipes laid out. The system allows pipes up to Ø110mm,
    Square profiles up to 80x80mm, max. Length 7000 mm (optional
    up to 13000 mm) from the bundle to be loaded on the processing station
    to position and cut
    • Processing of pipe profiles of different cross-sections
    (round, square, rectangular, oval, etc.)
    • Processing of pipes with a wall thickness of 1-5 mm
    and a diameter range from 20 to 110 mm
    • Max. Tube bundle diameter - 600 mm (3.5 t)
    • The machine axes are controlled via Siemens
    Servo motors and preloaded ball screws
    driven. The drive of the pipe linear transport
    Unit takes place via rack and pinion drive
    Helical gearing

    • 5 lifting modules with lifting straps
    • Pneumatic pipe lifting device
    • Pipes buffer magazine
    150 times savings of the CO2 slab laser compared to the conventional one
    Laser technology!
    • CO2 slab laser makes conventional gas circulation systems,
    like Roots pumps and turbines, superfluous. The one in the laser head
    integrated premix gas bottle is sufficient for approx. 12-18 months
    in continuous operation. Consumption only 0.2l / hour. instead of before
    30l / h
    • Savings also in energy costs, which were previously used by the
    Blowing caused. The electricity consumed is the same
    like the current duty cycle of the discharge

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ CNC Siemens 840 D (working memory 3 MB
    RAM, hard disk 2GB)
    ✔ ROFIN SINAR DC 015 resonator (1500 W)
    ✔ The most modern gas supply system - gas mixture
    and pressure control in the area
    from 0 to 22 bar
    ✔ CNC-controlled laser head
    ✔ 1.5 '' laser cutting head Precitec with 5 '' or
    7.5 '' lens
    ✔ Capacitive height scanning from Precitec in
    ✔ 4 ‑ jaw turntable
    ✔ Fixed bezel
    ✔ Light emitting diode laser pointer for easy
    Machine and workpiece positioning
    ✔ Bundling system for pipes (L = 7000 mm)
    ✔ State-of-the-art lens cooling system
    ✔ Torit System DFPRO - flue gas filtering and
    Extraction system
    ✔ Graphically supported software
    ✔ Protective covers for
    Laser class 1
    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ■ ROFIN SINAR DC 020 resonator (200–2000 W)
    ■ ROFIN SINAR DC 025 resonator (250–2500 W)
    ■ ROFIN SINAR DC 030 resonator (300–3000 W)
    ■ ROFIN SINAR DC 035 resonator (300–3500 W)
    ■ Network card
    ■ Siemens S7 remote diagnosis function
    ■ RS-232 interface
    ■ Compressed air filter
    ■ Unloading system for pipes and profiles up to L = 3000 mm
    ■ NC controlled pipe catcher
    ■ Pneumatically controlled pipe catcher (L = 1m)
    ■ Longer loading and unloading units