Port-Max 1300 • 1600

Port-Max 1300 • 1600

  • description

    • The Port-Max series are particularly suitable for large and
    heavy components suitable. The portals realize the
    Feed in all axes, thus moving the
    Components avoided by the machine. The rigid one
    The machine table can take loads of up to 2000kg / m²
    and thus offers sufficient reserve for workpieces
    XXL category.
    • The guide concept uses heavy-duty linear roller guides
    one, these avoid the slip-stick effect
    and guarantee lasting precision for years
    away, even with the toughest demands in hard
    Everyday production. The accuracy of the machine is achieved
    so in interaction with the high-resolution digital drives
    a noticeable on the travel length
    Value and delivers precisely dimensioned parts for yours at all times
    • Standard tool changer with 24 places, ZF
    Duoplan gear for main spindle with max. 660 Nm
    Torque, autom. Central lubrication and twofold
    Spiral chip conveyors provide a reasonable
    Basic equipment of these series with those already
    many milling applications are possible.
    • Flexibility in the selection of the CNC control, Mitsubishi,
    Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain make it possible together
    with options such as IKZ, various milling heads, glass scales, etc.
    a maximum of adaptation to customer needs

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ Fanuc 0i-MD including manual guide
    ✔ Electronic handwheel
    ✔ Spindle oil cooler
    ✔ Coolant system
    ✔ Automatic central lubrication
    ✔ Rigid tapping function
    ✔ 3-color status light
    ✔ RS-232, W-Lan and CF card
    ✔ ZF dual plan
    High performance spindle gear
    ✔ Air and coolant spray gun
    ✔ Partial enclosure
    ✔ Flat top chip conveyor
    ✔ Double-sided
    Screw chip conveyor
    ✔ Work area lighting
    ✔ Automatic 24-fold
    Tool changer
    ✔ Automatic tool change door
    ✔ Foot pedal for loading
    Tool magazine
    ✔ X-axis through gear / rack
    ✔ High-performance linear roller guides
    in all axes
    ✔ Installation and alignment elements
    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ■ Mitsubishi, Siemens, Heidenhain
    Controls of your choice
    ■ IKZ through the tool 35, 70
    ■ Linear scales in traversing axes
    ■ Extended Z-axes
    ■ Air conditioning for
    Electrical cabinet
    ■ Complete housing
    ■ Div. Milling heads for more complex
    Processing options
    ■ Tool changer with capacity
    up to 120 tools
    ■ Automatic tool measurement
    (Renishaw, Blum, Marposs)
    ■ Automatic workpiece measurement
    (Renishaw, Blum, Marposs)